Thursday, March 17, 2011

Super Giant


  1. WARDROBE! Glornatch's halo is crooked again.
    Dagnar. oh I'm sorry DOGnar, anyway DOGnar I need you to gimmie more emotion this time. I mean these earth people are just sooo far beneath you that you want to stomp on them but you need the kids to help you with your evil plan. So like you're frustrated and mad and wanna stomp but there's nothing you can do, so show some of that angst. Glornatch yeah you were good, do the same thing.

  2. At least now he knows his motivation. A little sense memory will go a long way...

    Stanislavski would be proud.

  3. lol - a superb Sponge Bob comment !

    The two 'black sheep' of Patrick's family.


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