Friday, March 11, 2011

The Tree Lady

I was inspired by Ionesco and Uelsmann to try something dark and surreal.


  1. She will end up as the subject of a show on TLC (The Learning Channel) aka The Freakshow Channel:
    "The Woman with Roots for Hands" or "Tree Lady" works too.

  2. I've seen one of those shows.
    Fungus Man etc. - Indonesian Sideshow Freaks... Creepy.

    Then some doctor comes in a saves the day by curing their disease. Now they're out of work...

  3. It worked!
    I'm sure I'll see it on tumblr soon...

  4. Thanks Wally - I guess I should find it complimentary that those tumblr addicts pinch my work.

  5. It is what it is... Jersey boy.
    one of my friends did a post with your stuff yesterday...
    I'm upset for you. I've most likely posted things from you that I didn't know were from you as well...
    Bottom line: people like your stuff.... What are ya gonna do?
    We'll talk..


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