Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Unknown Terror


  1. '63 Famous Monster Cards by Rosan
    and yes I have a full set of 64 somewhere.
    A lot of them (like this one) have some of the worst retouching ever.

  2. I have two cousins, twins, who are six years older than me. When they turned 18, and started concentrating more on girls, they gave me two shoeboxes filled with cards.
    Thanks to them I have about 40 of these Famous Monster Cards, quite a few Mars Attacks and various other cards they'd been collecting.
    I still love going into my parents' attic and digging through boxes... finding a Dr. Evil doll or a Rudy The Robot toy.

  3. Nice. I never had any Mars Attack Cards and I always coveted them. At least I have reprints now. And I agree discovering lost treasures is the greatest. I have a lot of Mutoscope Pin-up Cards I will have to dig up and share with you.

  4. The Mutoscope pin-up cards are great. I'm envious !
    I'm may have posted one or two but have only seen Internet images of them.


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