Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Valley Of Gwangi


  1. The Best.
    COWBOYS BATTLE MONSTERS IN THE LOST WORLD OF FORBIDDEN VALLEY! I had this poster on my wall for many years. So much: El Diablo, Lope'd,they see a dinosaur and go "Let's get him for the show!", "Where's Carlos?", the first time you see Gwangi (he scratches his head in tribute to O'brien's King Kong T-Rex this happens to this day in other dino movies) and he just snaps up the dino they are chasing and eats him, the hole in the mountain rock that leads to the "FORBIDDEN VALLEY", the old gypsy witch has one patched eye and one blind eye wtf?,"Professor there's a big lizard and he's coming this way!", Gwangi being towed in a cart through the desert, munched evil dwarf, and the longest sustained animated dinosaur battle with bonus cowboys thrown in ever.
    Gwangi changes colors , I don't care. Gwangi looks like a small inanimate puppet lying comatose on the rocks , I don't care.
    I remember watching Jurassic Park and truly being amazed and blown away by the VFX and still thinking how much more feeling Harryhausen got into the inanimate Gwangi puppet than anything I had just seen.
    Gwangi, is the best.

  2. "Valley Of Gwangi? That's a stupid title," I remember thinking to myself back in '69 as my parents took me into the theater.
    I had no idea what to expect.
    Cowboys on the screen? This is going to be lame...
    I was blown away. Yes, the best.
    I too didn't mind when the size of dino changed. I was in awe.
    Two years later, my family and I went on a cross-country road-trip to the Grand Canyon.
    Somewhere in the desert I went to my first dinosaur park - Gwangi still fresh in my mind.
    No one could ever top Harry.


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