Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bag Heads



  1. Cover of Brown Bag Amish Orgy Vol.3 featuring the Fugliest sluts in Pa. Porn

  2. LOL - hilarious !

    I think the Amish are getting a bit more lackadaisical as far as prohibiting their photo be taken. Never thought they'd go this far... Vol. 1 and 2 are a MUST HAVE ! If you thought they could erect a barn quickly, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

  3. Suddenly I feel as though I haven't enough crucifixes in my home. How is that not freaky looking? I like this a lot... Thank you.

  4. Also is the one second from the left wearing a home made Bat girl costume?

  5. I agree Drewsus - it IS freaky.

    The second girl appears to have a Batgirl/ Elephant Man costume.

  6. This photo is taken from Arbus's "Untitled" series and was taken at a home for the mentally ill. This specific shot was taken on Halloween--the residents made their own costumes. The whole series is pretty impressive albeit totally disturbing. She had some serious balls to take these photos and got a ton of criticism for "exploiting" the mentally ill, but if you take a look at the series as a whole it's anything but exploitative--it's just human. Her subjects were willing and enthusiastic participants. Really great stuff!

  7. Yes - thank you Julie for the info.
    It is a shame Arbus ending her life by taking a lethal amount of barbiturates and slitting her wrists.
    No note. Only a last journal entry: "Last Supper."
    It's also rumored, she took one last photo. A self-portrait - a haunted soul.


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