Monday, April 18, 2011

The Boy At The Newsstand


  1. No, No. Yeah I get dat all da time, bein' 'cross the street from the old WWN buildin' an all. I guess I must really look like 'em or somtin' No I never met or saw him. No he wasn't my faddah edtha, No I don't got no fuggin wings and dese are my real ears.Fuggin kids Hey Mac, yah gonna buy dat dis ain't no Library! Fuggin kids. Yeah yeah wha' we got her', lets see NY Times, People , 2 boxes a Marlboro lights, Hustler and de July issue of Pterodactyl Teen Anal. Dat ul be $78.32 youse wants I put it all inna same bag?

  2. Newstands never did so good...

  3. I was working a job at Silvercup studios when that issue came out. I bought an issue and I think nearly everyone I passed in the halls has a copy as well.


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