Sunday, April 17, 2011

Casino Royale


  1. Well definitely sexier then Rod Steiger (too obscure?) I guess she is wearing something because she has no ass crack. I hate the parachute dude. I mean here is this nice heavy 60's cohesive design, even with the type and you f'it up with what looks like bad cartoon graffiti. Why? Maybe because the movie was a comedy?
    Was this a McGinnis painting for the Movie or a Book cover?

  2. Just a large poster. I cropped everyhting else out. Not sure if it was McGinnis - looks like his style,

    And, OH YEAH... (not too obscure) but I can't remember the name of that movie where Rod shows that guy all his tattoos.... hmmmmm.

  3. Rod Steiger showing tattoos=Illustrated Man, from a Ray Bradbury story


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