Monday, April 25, 2011

Dagwood's Little Secret


  1. Dagwood is laid off and has to earn some $$ to support his family. When he "accidentally" puts on Blondie's underwear only to find out they are the same size he has an idea. Blondie helps him with the "strap down" and make-up; and all that time gulping the giant sandwiches without gagging is going to come in handy with the layover truckers. There is no reason (except legally) the kids can't do their part too.
    Dagwood has no "wood" but does have Grab Handles and bearded knees

  2. LMAO ! "Gulping down sandwiches with gagging is going to come in handy..." f'in hilarious !

  3. The most obscure Porn movie poster ever. Dagwwod and family... Meet the folks, love the kids, fuck the dog. The most sly bestiality art ever.


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