Monday, April 25, 2011

Die Chipmunk, Die


  1. The AVENGER's greatest foe made his presence known. "It's a simple deal white face you give me the Nuts you get the girl" His high pitched squeaky voice like nails on a chalkboard to the AVENGER's highly sensitive aural canals.
    "Nut's to you" answered the frozen faced AVENGER. "You killed Bagdasarian and your going to have to pay for it Alvin"
    "Simon and Theodore get him!!" shrieked the beady eyed rodent.
    The Avenger turned around and said
    "C'mon tough guys . When I am done with you 2 I'm going to have your skins sewn into a fur-lined jock for my balls"

  2. LMAO - plus, You knew it was The Avenger. Wow.

    The Alvin, Theodore and Simon ref is freakin' hilarious !


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