Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Distortion 41



  1. Suddenly conjoined twins seem more bearable to me.

  2. hahaha - no manipulation was used ! These people really LOOK like that !

  3. It wasn't long before the strange tasting herb tea took effect. "bLoRg" she said tripping over her own tongue as she tumbled onto what had once been the divan.
    "lerg forlzog norg" he replied as he attempted to take a photo but his clumsiness just toppled the camera and tripod instead, the glass photographic plate shattering like rock into a fine powder in all directions. "Gnarfk! he exclaimed but she wasn't listening anymore captivated by the sound and colors of her own thoughts which resembled temple bells spewing crystal notes across a sky of blazing indigo and red.

  4. HA ! Perfect !!!

    What's even funnier is that it exactly describes the scene that unfurled in my living room last night - (from what I can remember of it...)


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