Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Easter Bunny Couldn't Make It...


  1. It's the economy....
    Times are tough..

  2. Ha - we'll just have to make-do with whoever wants the job.

  3. It may be difficult to explain why you woke up naked in the forest. The difficulty increases exponentially when you happen to be wearing rabbit ears.

    ...unless you're at the Playboy mansion. Then it's just par for the course.

  4. WOW look at you with 407 Followers now. Glad you're finally doing so well with your blog.
    Hope all is well with you, been awhile since I visited.

  5. Thanks Jann - hope you're doing well too. I'll probably take a little break soon so I can catch up on reading other people's blogs... (like yours.)

    407 - but along with you, there are only about ten other people who leave comments. The only reason the number is so high is because I went nuts and threatened to delete it all. Blackmail works well in gathering followers ;)

  6. Ha! Maybe blackmail is why Wolfman is wearing rabbit ears? Maybe that's the only way he could get some of what Little Red Riding Hood was holding?


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