Saturday, April 2, 2011

Entertaining The Robots


  1. Do andoids dream of electric Go-Go girls?

  2. Hey Samantha how 'bout a private dome job for my friend?
    WD-40 Lap dances?
    Things were fine til the Robots detected valuable Silicone polymers on-site and then all hell broke loose.

  3. All the sudden, "I got something for you, baby" took on a whole different meaning. They ladies didn't realize that the "something" mentioned is an array of death-bots...

  4. Geez, Mr. X a scary images of robots tearing apart boobs for the valuable Silicone is very visceral.

    Ha. Drewsus - Death-Bots are usually banned from Go-Go bars unless one can bride the bouncer. Underage Death-Bots don't stand a chance at getting in.


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