Thursday, April 21, 2011



  1. June Wilkinson (40-22-35) circa '68 20th Century Fox Lot. Batman, Last season.
    Brit. June and cliche Scandinavian blond bombshell Inga Neilsen play Evilina and Angelina respectively; and they are just the henchwomen! The reason I know this is once you see them it is hard to forget. Might have been mistaken for Siv Aberg another cliche Scandinavian blond bombshell also in a couple of Batman episodes.

  2. You've provided every detail except her phone #.

    Even as a kid I knew the hencewomen were hot but felt they didn't show enough of them.
    Catwoman was always a treat though I preferred Newmar to Kitt.

  3. Is that a Plymouth she's sitting on?

  4. I'm pretty sure villains' cars were Black Lincoln's - but Mr. X or perhaps Felipe - may know better as to the make and model and year and suspension height and mph and...


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