Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Family Road Trip


  1. Pat finally convinced her co-workers that the mean jokes at her expense were water under the bridge and that car-pooling was in their best interest.

    "Who's laughing now bitches?"

  2. Hahahaha!
    Maybe you guys got it all wrong? Maybe this is a precursor to the Jetsons space age life style?

  3. Ha - forget the mule, they're going to explore the Grand Canyon with a flying car.
    That works for me....

  4. GPS voice

    I don't understand what happened?
    We must have altered the time stream when we went back.
    How? We didn't touch anything, we all stayed on the path.
    Hell I don't know what we did, but it's goddamn 1952 and that is goddamn Evel Knievel, and we are falling into the goddamn Snake River Canyon so if you have any ideas now is the time
    Rejected Nic Cage action movie script fragment

  5. LMAO ! GPS Voice - f'in hilarious. I can totally hear it...


  6. My first thought was..."Toonces: The Driving Cat"...

  7. Wow - Toonces - SNL - that brings back memories.


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