Friday, April 22, 2011

The Great Easter Egg Hunt


  1. Damn, nothing stuns Earl! We're all standing around about to shit ourselves, and... boom!

  2. Beautiful postcard of Infant Island?
    Whenever you see and egg like that the Shobijin are probably close at hand. You hope anyway otherwise it is going to be Rodan or some other bad Kaiju and you are F'd good.

  3. "Humpty lived an amazing life even though it was rather short. Humpty was a great friend; he was the kind of friend that stands by you when you need somebody to be there. He once saved my life. We were both young kids then and..."

    "He looks so natural."

    "Yes. The king's men did a great job, but they'll never get credit for it."

  4. Humpty Dumpty, Rodan, some guy named Earl... I just never know what to expect when reading these but they're always a treat.


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