Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Guest That Wouldn't Shut-Up


  1. But now she wouldn't let anyone sit in the sofa!

  2. LOL - they should stuff her in a closet somewhere!

  3. I must be sadistic. I see this and can't help but think about the bitch of the stain removal...

  4. Eeeeeewww.... this was supposed to be a nice little dinner party and look at what you guys turned it into !

  5. Kid in BG
    "But mommy when will it be time to hit the Pinata?"
    Guy with pipe thinks
    "Whoa, I am really ripped. I can't wait to tighten this bitches scarf while I'm f...."
    Girl with Scarf
    "And then we went back but they had left so we decided, well Ernest, the other boy with the hat, and I decided to go over and have some cokes but.. "
    Girl with Camera thinks
    "Hmmm F5.6 @125th? Oh hell I'll just bracket there is bound to be at least one good one in there and Hubert pays big $$s for this S&M crap"
    "murphhhurff hurff"

  6. LOL !!!

    Prefect dialog for a demented scene !

  7. She can't really complain. They tied her hands in the perfect spot. She can entertain herself all night.

  8. LOL - Much better then the game of charades the guests are set to play.


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