Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Icelandic Giant


  1. Johann K. Petursson "the Icelandic Giant" (1913-1984)
    After the invention of the ladder Johann was unemployed and forced to become a Lincoln Impersonator at children's birthday parties. He was arrested repeatedly for molesting parking meters
    Ok, I made all that up.

  2. He could always be employed by old folks that have arthritis and can't use the 'grabber'...

  3. LMAO Mr. X - again because I thought of Lincoln and considered giving it a funny title to that affect.

    Same wave-length - though, your's is most likely tweaked a bit more given what day it is...

  4. hahaha Drewsus -

    I was going to say something about working for old folks and getting a "tip" from the old ladies after they remove their dentures - but I won't.


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