Friday, April 22, 2011

Inspecting The Lens


  1. Vintage kitchen floor doin' it! Nice!

  2. Canwhore the early years.

    Oh? You went with a Schneider-Kreuznach 32mm instead of the B&L or Leitz 36mm? The chromatic distortion at the edges of the field doesn't bother you? Huh? What about flares from the coating? This graphlex rangefinder does it still work? I haven't seen one in years. You really should dump this Strobflash 2 unit and get yourself a Strobomatic 500 or HV, I mean if your serious about photography and shit.

  3. "Are you sure this is the proper camera angle? My face won't be in the frame unless I'm on my knees."

  4. "Kitchen floor doin' it" - yes Drewsus it's important for a young couple when moving into a new house to "christen" every room as well as document it.

    "Scheider-Kra-chutzbah what? Just lie back, spread your legs and smile."

    On her knees is one of her BEST angels. She should be familiar with it... that's how she got the job.

  5. This photo has a lot to read into in my opinion. The way the kitchen table seems to have been pushed into the corner during a meal in order to setup the camera in a hurry and the camera bag tossed aside on the floor, both suggest the whole thing was a surprise of some kind. I'm thinking "happy anniversary".

    And yes, I'm loving that floor.

  6. I agree. There is a lot to read into. Two place settings at the table, a meal just finished, table pushed aside and a man leaning against the stove.
    While there is a camera set up on a tripod, WHO exactly took the photo we're looking at?


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