Saturday, April 23, 2011



  1. "Um yeah...I'm gonna need this to be a little more specific. Let me write up the terms and conditions and run it by my lawyer. It should only take a minute."

    "Is it cool if I take her for a test drive while I wait?"

    "Sure thing."

    "Good one!"

  2. LOL - "a test drive" - you guys crack me up.

  3. Thanks Ernie it's just till next week. I am getting a whole new shipment of wives from Russia, well technically the Ukraine, but I was told they are all real lookers. I'll call you when I get the Fed Ex Delivery and you can come over and take your pick. Oh, what did you say this ones name was again?

  4. WTF! Hilarious. You all need to be the new MST3K crew.

  5. Hey you've had some great quips as well Drewsus.

    I'll just sit off to the side and throw popcorn at the screen...


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