Saturday, April 16, 2011

Man In A Tube

Willy Ronis


  1. Classic dude who has been replaced by a robot.
    I think he is supposed to be checking for daylight pinholes and such from inside the tubes; maybe he re-checking the interior with the flashlight. Definitely not a job for claustrophobics
    Not what he had in mind when he said he wanted a wicked tube ride.

  2. Ha ! A wicked tube ride - surfing or sex, Mr. California? Both I'm sure...

    I'm a bit claustrophobic, I guess. The boss tells me to crawl into one of those with a flashlight and it'd be... "See ya."

  3. Hahahaha! I'd hate to see what they stick in their to get him out (referenced to the cat getting the gerbil from the anus).

  4. CAT ?!?!? More like a wolverine ! Hahahaha....


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