Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Palm Beach Cadillac

Frank Paulin - 1967


  1. I've driven hundreds of cadillacs and I prefer the late 60's models to any other era. There's just something about drving a gunship like this one knowing that you have the equivalent of a twin bed in the back seat.

    "Merge? Me? How about you just get the hell outta my way and I'll let you live?"

  2. LOL.
    A friend of mine had a '59, jet black, big-ass fins - we called it the Bat Mobile. Then many 'guido' cousins of mine had caddy's from the early to mid 70's.
    I have NEVER driven one from the late 60's. Sigh.....

  3. My pop had a 70's Brougham. Sky blue. Morgue in the trunk.

  4. '49 Fastback (the best nad the most bad ass)
    '57 Eldorado Brougham with Stainless Steel Roof
    '59 with the giant fins and the most chrome.
    and in that order.

  5. Nice breakdown - had to double check on the '49 Fastback - yup - I think I'd agree.

  6. I once drove my '62 caddy for the bride and groom at her wedding in Palm Beach. On the way to the Everglades Club for the reception, on Worth Ave., Marla Maples tried to cross the street in front of me, assuming that I would stop. I didn't & Some Bitch!


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