Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sea Devils


  1. Oh You know, nothing much,just out walking my GIANT OCTOPUS! Oh Hang on a sec. RAMIRO! RAMIRO! PUT DOWN THOSE DIVERS! THIS INSTANT! RAMIRO BAD CEPHALOPOD! BAD! You have no idea where they have been. Oh Hi you still there? Sorry Ramiro was trying to eat something off the street. He's always getting his tentacles where they don't belong.

  2. Excellent.

    Really now, what's with the chain? This Devil Dude just can't control his pets.

  3. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice.

    Wonder Woman: "...but they are in real trouble and need your help."

    Aquaman: "Those punks have been calling me the most worthless Super Friend since they were kids. They can go fuck themselves."

    Wonder Woman: "Can you at least send some of your ocean friends to help?"

    Aquaman: "Tell ya what, do to me what I saw you doing to Superman in the back of your invisible jet last night and I'll save them."

    Wonder Woman: "You're such an asshole!"

    Aquaman: "Don't be like that. At least now I know how you got your name."

    Wonder Woman: "Forget it. I'm calling Superman."

    Aquaman: "A booty call now? People's lives are at stake."

    Wonder Woman: "One more word and I swear to Hippolyta I'll post those pics of you and Wonderdog on Facebook."

    Later that evening:

    Batman: "I can't believe you clicked 'Like'."

    Robin: "Hey! I don't tell you how to live your life. Stop hatin'."

    Batman: "I am never eating peanut butter again."

    Robin: "Not even crunchy?"

    Batman: "Uhggh...I just threw up in my mouth a little."


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