Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Space Fight


  1. Saaay Spaceman, what saay we finish this up in my bunk, and I'll let your retro rocket explore my black hole...with no shielding required?
    Awww c'mon cut it out, I'll service your AE-35 unit till it goes 100% non-functional. You know you want me too. I said stop it! Stop it yah crazzeeee you almost hit me in my asteroids and I am saving them for Uranus.

  2. At the risk of sounding corny... "I can see your anus." "Well, we are in space." "No I mean your butt."

  3. LOL - Mr. X and Drewsus another LOL. Both very funny. Yup, this one had all the marks of gay spacemen wrestling.
    I should have made his smile wider and rolled his eyes back in his head in some sort of orgasmic leg-humping maneuver.


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