Sunday, April 3, 2011

Speed Racer - The Musical

It was bound to happen... just another reason why I quit working on Broadway.


  1. F'ing hilarious.
    Which one of those stage door doofuses are Crusher Block and Snake Oiler?
    I never liked Speed R. as a character, but I always wanted to be the Mysterious Racer X. Racer X can win anytime he wants but lets his lamer brother (Speed) win. The cartoon had awesome design as well but there is something wrong when the (trunk)monkey, Chim Chim is the smartest character.
    Mach Go Go Go

  2. Ha ! I forgot about those characters, Snake Oiler...
    Yup - I too wanted to be Racer X but I did want the Mach 5. I saw a photo of the real Mach 5 - one of them, at least. Nice collectible, but would be a bit goofy to drive around.

  3. RacerX's car the Shooting Star may not have all the bells and whistles and jumping jacks and saw blades, but it is still waaaay cool.

  4. Yes - but I HAD to have the saw blades and jumping pads when I rode my bike through the neighborhood. Otherwise, well... I was just a kid on a... on a bike.


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