Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Blossoms


  1. Hahahaha! Again, I didn't notice some damn leaves. I thought for a second... Spring Bosoms.

  2. Picking out ripe fruit is an art form, and one which you can perfect with practice. Once you've tasted perfectly ripe fruit, you can understand why seeking it out is worth the effort. Perfectly ripe fruit is always in season.
    Petty much as perfect as it gets.

  3. Venturing outside to grab the newspaper seemed like a fun idea until she realized that she locked herself out of the house. The milkman is about to have the best day ever.

  4. Spring bosoms - hahahaha.

    The 'Milk' man - there's a double entendre there for sure, as well 'ripe fruit'... all good comments but come on dudes.... CHECK OUT THOSE KNOCKERS !


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