Friday, April 15, 2011

Swimming With Oranges

Jessie Darnley - Miss Anaheim - 1929


  1. Typical East Coaster; can't F'ing tell the difference between apples and oranges. Those are Apples. There are parts of town where the inability to differentiate genitalia (plant or animal) can lead to some serious problems.
    I am eating an Ojai Pixie right now(that is a tangerine; not a small magical flying faerie, but I would eat that too if it was as tasty) that is pretty much at the top of the citrus family as far as absolute deliciousness goes. I don't think they allow such gems out of Ca. Yes I am gloating about the Bounty of Ca. At least we export our weed and porn.

  2. Ha Ha - no. They are oranges. Three tons to be exact. I'm pretty sure, Anaheim does not hold an Apple Bowl Festival.
    I did question the photo myself thinking they were apples - nope - the black and white photo just makes it deceiving.
    I would have also thought a California dude would have easily mistaken them for Hacky Sacks - not apples.

  3. Lol
    Yeah it could easily be a Dead or Phish shin-dig
    With a bunch of Hacky Sackers and a hippy chick in the mix

  4. The recovery efforts at the New Orleans tennis ball factory were slow-going.

  5. So that's what they do with the post op nuts after a sex change?

  6. HA - I was wondering if anyone was going to make a testicle reference. Bobbing for gonads and stuff like that... well done.


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