Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vegas In The '70's


  1. Cheap perfume, stale cigarette and alcohol breath. Eyelashes that sound like ripping velcro when removed and are larger then caterpillars. BJ's for $30(in chips)in the back parking lot at the Sands for rent money, screams as pubic hair catches on rhinestone bling. These are not some of my favorite things.
    This is Fabulous Las Vegas! It's just soooo Glamorous!

  2. Yes, I know how much a fan you are of LV. I eat it up for the characters, and atmosphere thriving more on the Fremont Street scene and 'old' Vegas as opposed to the Strip.

    My friends always said I would marry a Vegas showgirl. The closest I came was dating a Playboy Bunny cocktail waitress when Hef had a casino in Atlantic City. We went out for two-years and the whole time I kept begging her to bring the costume home, Unfortuantely, (for me) it was against Playboy's policy.

  3. Hail 'Old' Vegas! Old blue eyes set the mood and it died w/ him :(

  4. Yes indeed. Now he's doing his thing at the big craps table in the sky.


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