Friday, April 22, 2011



  1. Nice shot. This movie has great locations and some nice cinematography, but suffers from starring Jimmy Stewart, and killing Kim Novak twice. Good points include psychedelic animation/optical printer FX sequence, John Fulton VFX (one of my personal idols) and that no one ever realizes the bad guy's plan is successful and he evidently escapes unpunished. Also of note Saul Bass titles were shot Motion Control, designed by John Whitney Sr. the Father of motion control photography. Point of film remains concept of menage a trois with Dark and Light Kim Novaks.

  2. IMDB says this shot cost $19,000! For only a few seconds on screen.

  3. That's gobs of $$$ back then... lots of great info here. Thanks Mr. X.

    Now that you mention it - I can envision those Saul Bass titles but never connected it being him.
    Personally, I thought Stewart was fine. It would have been interesting to see another actor from that time portray the role.
    Stewart/Hitchcock combo - best (IMO) Rear Window.

  4. It always seemed to take forever to get to the basement at the Escher Apartments.

  5. LOL- good one YVRJon - I live in the Sisyphus apartment complex, which isn't much better...


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