Sunday, April 3, 2011

W. E Smith


  1. Carumba! One of the Supermedicos is down, and now El Psychedeliko and Los Asseninos are climbing the top rope of the alter. Cerebro Driver!!. Aiiee Cristo Invertido!1, 2 oh noooo
    Northern Lights Suplex!!el Psychedeliko is out on the apron!!!
    Me, I am a fan of the Blue Demon.
    Smith who did great intense work was a speed freak and it lead to health issues(death), as it does.

  2. Funny and very interesting about Smith. I guess it makes sense that if one HAD to choose a drug while in the midsts of a war scrambling around to take photos speed would be the wise choice.

    Had he chosen an opiate, he'd probably have died even earlier - by a bullet or grenade.

  3. "I see. So you just happened to suffer 3rd degree burns to your hands and head trauma on Super Bowl Sunday? I'll admit, it's more creative than the explosive diarreah story from last year, but you're still going to church mister."

  4. HA. It's going to be a bitch trying to fit him into the confessional.


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