Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wasted Critters


  1. The duckling should be saying "This is Serious!"

  2. A good line - I could easily change it.

    What I may do again, is put up comics with blank bubbles and allow people to offer suggestions.

  3. Ha. Some dude once told me the first time he ever got stoned (in the 70's)he got the munchies so badly he spent $20 at Taco Bell. That was sooo much food as to be ridiculous.
    Toadlickers are lower than Meth-heads, and I don't even want to think about the heinous practice of Auto-Toadlicking

  4. That must have been an incredible amount of food. He probably had to lock himself in the bathroom for a few days afterwards.

    Auto-Toadlicking, don't knock it till you tried it.

  5. LMAO Dan!

    It's so sad that I got the refernce though.

  6. Wait ~ what reference. I think I missed the hidden meaning in Dan's suggestion.

  7. Okay... I get it.

    Ming-Ming - "This is Se-wious."

    thanks KK.


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