Monday, March 14, 2011

1938 Phantom Corsair


  1. Now this could tow my airstream...
    could I get one with an aluminum finish?

  2. NOW yer' talkin' !

    That would be some cross-country trip !

  3. I'm gonna email ya a truth link!
    read it....

  4. An awesome piece of Classic Coach Building and Metalwork. Built by a member of the Heinz (like ketchup) family. Dude was planning on selling them but they would have cost a fortune like $12K-$14K in '38. Looks like it has very limited rear visibility especially if you have it loaded with all 6 people. This looks like the Pebble Beach concurs. I think the car is a really deep black that is very hard to photograph, in lots of pics it looks deep purple or royal blue, Sometimes maroon.

  5. It does seem to have a bit of a purple tint.

    I'm going have to research more on this beauty. How many were made? What's the going price of one today? Is it possible to hotwire so I can steal it... that sort of thing.

  6. Harrahs Collection at the National Auto Museum Reno.
    There is only one the one. It weighs like 2 tons. I think it is in a movie too.

  7. Wow - I was just about to google it... thanks Mr. X .

    The Rocketeer? Dick Tracy? Hhmmmmm...

    Such a great design, it's too bad no car company had ever tried to replicate it in some way.


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