Monday, March 14, 2011

Playboy Brunettes


  1. January 1979; 25th Anniversary Playmate.
    As ridiculous as it sounds; much like the Kennedy assassination and the moon landing I can recall exactly where I was when I first saw this. This was in a time before the rampant use of inert, synthetic compounds to increase mammalian secondary sex characteristics.
    Also. OMG!

  2. You have an amazing memory !

    SHE has amazing 'other things'... those eyes, those lips... yowza.
    I can see how an image like this could stick in one's mind.

  3. Candy Loving. Unforgettable. Poor deformed thing. :)

  4. Candy Loving... now I won't forget it! Thanks Dan !

    hahaha... yes, deformed in all the right places :)

  5. She was from Ponca City, Oklahoma, if I remember correctly, and had a better-looking sister.

  6. Thanks Foaming Solvent.

    I read she was in a Woody Allen movie as well, "Stardust Memories" (I think) and played Tony Richard's girlfriend. Her scene (with dialogue) was however, unfortunately cut.


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