Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bite The Weenie

Emmett Kelly


  1. "No, don't bite it honey, never bite it, just lick the mustard off first"
    Ok I know he is totally respected in his field and all, but he was still a f'ing freaky Clown; and this picture does not help matters at all.
    Even the name of his character "Weary Willie" is creepy it might just as well be "Limp or Tired Penis"
    He played a Hobo for laughs; funny how we don't see a lot of Homeless Comedian Clowns any more.

  2. Incredible how funny and astute you are.

    "Never bite it, lick the mustard off first."

    Limp Penis - The Clown. LOL - just ALL so f'in funny !

    And then as I'm cracking-up and reading the last paragraph, you throw in a wise social observation. Brilliant !


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