Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Man Sauce Addict


  1. oh my god that is hilarious!

    man sauce!! I've never heard it called that hahaha

  2. Jism Jane, Baby Battered Babe, Come Collector, Ms. Man Chowder, Nut Nut, Protein Shake Sheila, Splooge/Spooge Floozy, Cream Queen, Spunk Monkey, ManMilk Maid, ManJam Jan, BallButter Betty, 2ball Country Gravy on Biscuts, Hot Load Lover, Liquid Genetics, Ballsack bolognaise, Toss sauce, Face Paint, Cream of My Penis
    Ok I'm done...

  3. F'in hilarious !!!!

    I've heard many but not all... LOL - they're great. I will be using some just to let you know.


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