Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pumping Gas


  1. Pierre thought it was all good and he was "in" heavy and going to score till she doused him with the Petrol and made him give her his wallet, sunglasses, Rolex and last pack of Gitanes not to turn him into the Human Torch.
    Zeese American Girls, zay are crazee thought Pierre.Merde.

  2. The last pack of Gitanes I smoked was in college. I remember them being awful. Then I started rolling my own - Drum or some other shit.
    At a party some drunk girl came up to me and said; "I saw you smoke like 5 joints. Ya think I can bum one off you?"
    I rolled her one.
    She took a huge drag, started coughing her lungs out and threw up all over a sofa.
    Ce la vie.

    except for the dude who's sofa it was.


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