Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weegee's Mannequins


  1. Early RadioDoll Factory.
    These primitive "Radio Technology" Love Dolls were introduced in 1946 but quickly taken off the market after several accidents involving the "Electro-Gyna" and "Oral-Xcitor" features.
    The Dolls vacuum tubes took several minutes to come up to operating temperature and the dolls ran quite hot; serious burns were not uncommon ,and there were several cases where they were reported to have stared house fires.
    The RadioDoll concept was briefly renewed in the mid fifties, but these later models which utilized the microwave part of the Electro-Magnetic spectrum to by pass the previous patents, had their own issues and production soon ceased.

  2. My friends and I used to write "Fun Facts That Aren't True" exactly in this style.

    We put together about a book's worth of material but never did anything with it.

    "Radio Technology" Love Dolls - super excellent.


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