Friday, March 11, 2011

Zippy's In Love


  1. Is that a combo TV/Fireplace?
    Lancelot Link the Later Years.
    And what chu talking 'bout Man Has Not Evolved?
    That is a TV with no remote dude. Today we have remotes. That girl has humongous natural tits. Now any girl with $2k-$6k can have awesome fake bolt-ons. If that isn't evolution what is?

  2. LOL -

    I forget that people can see the original file name. This was a 'working title' or some shit... as you know my file system for photos is completely out of whack. I don't bother spelling everything correctly nor do I always give apropriate names to things - hence, if I'm looking for this photo in the future... it could takes days if not longer.

    I'll be searching for Zippy, chimp, or monkey not evolution. My brain is still in its Neanderthal stage.

    Yes, a TV / Fireplace combo that spontaneously ignites to the theme song of "Glee."

  3. Chimp or Monkey for sure Zippy ain't no pinhead.


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