Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Bunny That Ate Europe


  1. AH! Donnie Darko: directors cut, cut?

  2. Kaiju lamer than King SeeSaw (sic).
    After WW II a simple forest creature effected by the radiation from Hiroshima and brought to Europe by a returning serviceman (smuggled in his pants) for his daughter grew to dramatic size and rotten disposition. It gnaws through buildings and bridges! It's poop covers highways!, It can hop 2 miles and land on a house! It crushes cars. and The Major must choose between saving the city and the love of his daughter. I fell asleep and never saw the end...I am guessing they drown it in the Thames, or crush it inside of Notre Dame, well that's what I would do anyway

  3. My mom bought me the very same vest when I was six. I was just about as angry as he is.

  4. LOL Drewsus !!! LOL.

    LMAO Korbin.

    Brilliant Mr.X... here's the ending: Using a gigantic carrot, the military decides to lure the monster into a trap( a large box propped with with a big stick.)
    The scientists reveal that the giant bunny is angry because he can't copulate freely with a mate. And once they riddle the creature with missiles and napalm the Major cuts off the rabbit's foot and gives it to his daughter as a good luck charm.

  5. I wish I had thought of the Box and stick trap!
    I caught my brother with one of those baited with a cookie when he was really young. Learned it from cartoons.

  6. LOL - see, when we were kids we didn't have an "X" box - we just had a box. Refrigerator boxes were forts etc. and the imagination ran wild.


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