Friday, April 22, 2011

Saved By Kong


  1. Even big apes will do anything for some skirt. Like save the skirts main squeeze.

  2. Unable to master even the simplest of Higbys string tricks, Kong went back to playing his XBox
    Faye in the water after she drops from here is her sexiest look in the film(IMO)
    Image burned into memory

  3. Knowing the power of sexual promises, she whispered in his ear what he could do to her should he defeat Kong.

    Five minutes later, Kong was dead at the bottom of the ravine.

  4. All funny - as usual.

    I woke up to over 90 emails. I apologize if I miss any.
    I need a girl to whisper something raunchy in my ear so I can have the super strength to get through them all, then I can go back to playing with MY Xbox.

    Faye wet - always a treat.


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