Monday, April 25, 2011



  1. "It was a wild trip, but it was only ONE WAY!"

    Dude, I told you to use sunblock
    Dude, that wasn't sunblock

    DO NOT drive or operate heavy machinery when using HYPNO-DISK
    DO NOT USE HYPNODISK if taking NASAIDs or other Blood pressure medications
    DO NOT USE HYPNO-DISK if also using XRAY SPECS as potential interaction may cause side effects or sudden death.
    Side effects may include; Nausea, Vomiting, Permanent Erection, Flesh dissolving off face, Bleeding from all orifices, putrid smelling discharge, drooling, lame "jokes", disappearance or increase in size of testicles, Tremor, Spontaneous combustion of the eyes or anus.

  2. Freakin' hilarious. At least your dick doesn't fall off.

  3. The 45-year-old accountant thought that the x-ray glasses were a steal for only $1.00. He had always wanted to try them when he was a kid. Unfortunately, he decided to check the mirror to make sure he didn't look conspicuous before heading out to watch cheerleading practice at the local high school. He promptly scared himself into a heart attack and his last thought was, "I should have bought the bag of fake money."

    I am still bitter that I never received the bag of fake money I ordered from the back of that comic book. I sent in my 50 cents and those bastards laughed all the way to the bank.

  4. Never received the $$$$ ?!?!?! I guess it really was FAKE money. Those bastards !!!!


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