Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destination Moon


  1. It never ocurred to me! Using a giant deodorant can to fly to the moon! Space has never smelled so good.

  2. LOL - brilliant !

    I should have inserted a deodorant lable on the can !!!! Damn !

  3. Duuuuude yer wasting all the Nitrous. We gotta get back to the main stage cuz I am gonna kick ass at hackey sack in my groovy ass space shoes. and I don't want to miss Mutator, they are closing the show. Whoa Bro I mighta ate too much Vitamin K or maybe it was the DMX. I'm a feelin' cold like I am in sapce or somtionmhg
    sik frazztzt.. bLortz fnsytrt

  4. Or a can of Whipped Cream - again brilliant !

    Were you the guy who wrote Adventureland? Friends told me I should see it - said there was great dialogue... I haven't (yet)... but if the script was anything like this: 'sik frazztzt. bLotz fnsytrt" - I'm gonna love it !!!


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