Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dumping Ground AKA My Blog


  1. CBA. (VFXspeak for Could Be Anything)
    Correspondents at Fox News
    Writers room on 2.5 Men (or any other TV show)
    New Micheal Bay Movie.
    Almost harvest time at the Ass Farm
    Latest thing in "Organically Grown" Produce.
    Outdoor Dance Party "Shake yo' Booty!"
    Laying the first Interstate excrement paved highway.

  2. 8 amazing titles - I nearly gagged on a cough-drop at the Michael Bay insertion...

    Here's how it went today.... "Michael, you're a great writer but we can't having you calling the editor a 'dumb - cunt'."

  3. Lafayette: "Washington's orders read, 'Get your asses on the front lines and stay there!'"

    Translator: "Yessir, but he did not mean to do so literally."


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