Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Foot Washer


  1. I love how colorful this photo is... the our-of-focus trailer and awning in the muted pastel background, her bright blond hair flowing like the water from the tap and... SHE'S NAKED !

    I'd be a great photo critic.

  2. Not to mention the creepy out o' focus PWT dude wearing the I am gonna guess rebel flag cap sitting in the I am gonna guess broken rusty lawn chair watching her. She is probably washing off the "happy endings" of a recent trailer-park footjob. And by the way that is their outdoor bathroom, and that is her brother. On the plus side he promised he would buy her beer
    But I am not going to mention any of that.

  3. Totally hilarious because you just wrote exactly what I was thinking... okay, I'll give you the part of the outdoor shower footjob - that was fucking brilliant.
    I'm glad you didn't mention any of it... it would have freaked people out.


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