Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Frito Kid


  1. This was taken before he was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Frito Bandito. A short time after Mr. Lay received a ransom note and what was believed to be his (the Frito Kid's) crisped and heavily salted ear. The ransom was paid but neither the Kid, the Bandito or the money was never found or recovered.

  2. haha - Now had I changed it according to my plan by naming him the Dildo Kid and seeing a large rubber one in the shoot, I would have never gotten this scenario.
    Just too much work with changing the potato chip names... glad I didn't.

    Disneyland - 1972.

  3. All seriousness aside, I have the most vivid memory of this from when I was a kid in the early 1960s. Didn't remember if it was Disneyland or Knott's Berry Farm, though. Thanks for posting it!

  4. Glad I could help bring back some memories Muffuletta :)


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