Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Gavone


  1. Now I have to go to the store for ground beef & beer...
    Must be a great photo, because it worked!

  2. Yeah ! It worked !!!
    I didn't forget to send you that link Wally - just been kinda busy. I will soon - Stay well !!!!

  3. Ok Dude that (Gavone) is one I had to look up.
    He totally "wolfed" his burger. And what is with her? Is she going to jam a whole tomato in her mouth or stuff it in that guys gaping maw?

  4. lol - she may pull a Cagney a squash that onion in his face.

    Yeah, "Gavone" - Italian slang - from my mom's side of the family...

    I started out making this a GIF . First we see the burger enter his mouth, then his fingers, hands and soon he swallows his own head.


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