Thursday, February 17, 2011

Knott's Berry Farm


  1. I suppose these were supposed to be Dance hall girls? We (my brother and I) were not allowed to go to Knott's as kids; we were told it was run by White Supremacists. We also never got to go to the way more interesting Alligator Farm across the street. So finally I got to go for someone's B'day party but all I really remember was a bunch of long dicked monkeys beating off incessantly on "Jungle Is. or some such and a lot of horrified parents.

  2. Sounds like some dumb-ass white supremist place. I've never been..

    I did go to an alligator farm in Florida - what I remember best was - they had these cups with a chain leading into the monkey cage. One would put a penny in a gumball machine and get peanuts... then one would put the peanuts in the cup and the monkeys would pull the chain bringing the cup into the cage... my cousins and I put little pebbles into the cup. The monkeys tried to eat the pebbles - got angry - and threw the stones at us.


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