Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Light Of Day

By Joseph Cornell - Smithsonian America Art


  1. Nice "Found Objects".
    Obviously one of Cornell's later "boxes"

  2. Smithsonian Art link is a good place to find stuff.

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  4. You delusional stupid cunt - I actually make some of the images that have appeared on your page... as opposed to those who think they have rights just because they've uploaded something - like yourself. So suck my fucking dick... and trust me, I'm trying to be polite.

  5. And another thing... you hapless fucking twat... you live in a world devoid of creativity - a sad fucking place - so stop coming here and looking at all I have to offer.... there's a place you you - All Things Mediocre - so stay there until you wish to give credit where credit is do.

    Want more?

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  8. What a fucking twat... it's sad you still visit my blog when I have no use for you. There's a big difference between those who create and scavengers like youself.

  9. Ahhh.. did I hurt your feelings?

    I'm really sorry.. does all this shit mean so much to you? My suggestion is... get a life. That's right... go out and meet real people, pry the stick from your ass, get laid and have a pint. Maybe then you'll know how to act.

  10. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  12. Ahh, please don't be anonymous anymore... I do love your wit and firey persona, My aim is at entertaining people - nothing more.

    It's nice to know however that I can still get your panties cinched up. 'Moist' is probably a better word.

  13. Whoever told you I have a huge cock is right.. but please stop sending me love letters.

  14. I'll not tolerate these marriage proposals anymore and will continue to delete them.

  15. :))))))))))))))))
    and i'll keep on tying
    i'm a sucker for big cock

    you know who i'm as i know who you are
    we are virtual soul-mates, baby
    if anybody, you have to know that
    now, really-really-really
    have a good day, i'm done

  16. No don't leave it at.., call me anytime
    973-986-8877. I would really like to have a conversation with you - if you're up to it.

    I promise not to make it sexual - panties are optional - what I mean is I'll put some on if you beg...


  17. infatuation is a powerful thing…(i’m going to indulge myself in ellipsis)

    interesting similarity – my first name also begins with M
    but that’s where similarity ends – what you know you learned, what i know i knew all along.
    and i would never leave my phone## out in the open anywhere.
    i guess, some of us have more to lose that others.
    have a good night, and i mean it;)

  18. No one has anything to lose unless one is a defeatist... like you seem to be portraying yourself.
    My # is there for you, my comments sincere, my zipper open.

    So Sugar (if I may call you that) put down the brandy and I'll be waiting.

  19. i would walk you though it, but it's way too public for me (defeatist or not).
    so you're on your own, honey-dip.

    i hope, somebody is getting their rocks off to our exchange, here;)


  20. Our exchange is only halfway there... we'll both get 'our rocks off' once you call... and you will.

    nighty -night sweetie

  21. No, I’m not gonna’ call.
    But I can do you a favor and put it up “call for good time+your ##” on the wall of woman’s bathroom in Green Mill Jazz Club, in Chicago.
    Clientele there is very polite, over-educated and sufficiently deprived.
    I’m sure you’ll be happy.

  22. That is actually very funny. See that... you do have a sen-sense of humor.


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