Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Nippleators


  1. I'd play and watch them.... I need a better band name - if you can think of one - that'd be great !

  2. The Areolas
    The Lil' Areolas
    The B Cups
    The -3Tops
    A Sax and 3 Skanks
    3Skanks and a Sax
    The 6'rs
    The White Swallows
    The Manholes
    oh wait those last 2 were Gay bars in S.F.

  3. How about The Tittelaters or Tit Elaters ?

  4. You are ALL so brilliant. Titallators - good one !

    LOL - Mr. X - the last two remind me of driving down the West Side highway and seeing "Ramrod's" on the corner of Christopher St. I'm pretty sure The Manhole was also around that area - must be a chain.

    After writing in the AP style for the past month I feel so un-funny. I feel like throwing myself off a tall building. If I do, I'll make sure I do it in style with a big plastic nose, thick-framed glasses and rainbow wig.
    Wish me luck upon landing !


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