Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Princess Wee Wee And Friends

Ringling Brother Stars:
Princess Wee Wee, Frank Lentini the 3-Legged Man,
and 8'7" George Auger


  1. As well as 3 legs Mr. Lentini had 2 sets of fully working male genitals. Theoretically he could perform a DP single handily, so to speak.

  2. So, you've done your research... and what may I ask is the lubricant Princess Wee Wee enjoys?

    A 'special formula?' Don't tell me gerbils....

  3. No research necessary I read about him a long time ago; and well 2 sets of Junk are something you cannot forget.

  4. Oh no... 2 sets?
    I've learned something again from you. However, this time I'll try hard to forget it.


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