Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Goofy Gets Blown


  1. Are you gonna give us a gif? t?
    thanks for all your hard work...
    when I win the lottery & buy a hippie bus - you'll be my first call..

  2. Pinky swear - pretty serious ! But Okay... anything you guys want I'll try to do my best to provide... pix, humor, spanking you with a leather belt - okay hold on - maybe I won't go that far, but feel free to join me in the big city for a night of rum cocktails on an old Scooner, limo rides with high class hookers, and shooting automatic weapons from helicopters flying high above the Hudson - just say the word...

  3. Goofy's theme song is of course "The World Owes Me a Living" Which I am imagining him singing here with "Blow Job" being substituted for "Living". Secondly, I am forced to remember the old joke where the judge turns to Mickey M. and says "Mickey you can't divorce your wife just because she is crazy"
    Mickey answers (in high voice)"I didn't say she was crazy I said she was FUCKING GOOFY"
    Thirdly, It is the classic Wally Wood Disney Poster brought to life.
    Lastly, Goofy F's-up everything he has ever been involved in; so odds are this will not have a "Happy Ending"

  4. Everything you said I've done except the helicopter thing.... And I might be up for that if we are above wall street before opening bell....
    just sayin'.

  5. Ha - Wally we've got a deal !
    23rd Street Pier - wake and bake - and let's pick off some suits before breakfast.

  6. ha - like all the comments - just not happy with the image... if you look close she has sand all over her body not to mention a dozen other things that are wrong.


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